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Band Profil

seit 2005

joel b. | » joelseph
Martin K. | » jackentasche (Keyboard, Synth, E-Gitarre)
Matthew P. | » TheFress (Drums, Keyboard)
Stefan S. | » mboxr (Bass)
Loudness next to tranquility: Opposites find their way together here, and through the many expanded classic rock line-up elements, find their way into the big picture. Conservative electronics and synthesizers play as important of a roll as accordion or glockenspiel, not to mention the often multi-layered vocals. "Diverse" is a word that frequents the subconscious while listening to Lehnen; something that is due, no doubt, to the eclectic listening tendencies of the four band members: from Post-Rock and Post-Hardcore, to a variety of electronic music, all the way to classic Indie-Rock and Folk, which in the end adds up to a sum that is worth more than each of the individual parts.
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